Window Damage: When to Repair or Replace

Windows play a big part in your home’s look, feel, and efficiency. They provide airflow, natural lighting, protection, and visual appeal. When they are not working properly, they can cost you in both comfort and cash. However, unless you understand and work with windows every day (like us), you may not know whether there is […]

Six Tips for Building a Strong Team

As a home builder, you know the key to getting the job done, and getting it done well comes down to the team doing the work. For just about any project, when you have a highly effective team, you have everything. Your team is also a reflection of you and an extension of your values. […]

Where to start when restoring your deck

As a homeowner, you are faced with not just caring for your home but also identifying, tending to, and managing the maintenance projects related to your home. What to do is not always easy to figure out. Unless you are an expert on all things home, you need trusted resources to help navigate the challenges […]

Choosing the Right Wood for Your Construction Project

Ask any pro golfer and they will tell you that one of the most important parts of their success actually depends on someone else. Because every great golfer has a really great caddy. The caddy’s job is to know the course inside and out. They understand each club for its strengths and best purpose. And […]

Revive Your Deck. In Five Steps.

Winter weather in Kansas City can bring its fair share of moisture. With rain, snow, and ice – and sometimes a mix of all three on the same day – these wet conditions can cause damage to your outdoor living spaces. In fact, your deck can take a big hit because moisture is not a […]

Six Steps to Framing a House

The classic toy Lincoln Logs gives kids a chance to use their imagination and build a log cabin home, fort, or building with notched wood logs. It’s a great way to ignite learning and spark a passion for constructing a larger structure from individual pieces. Some of us never grew out of wanting to use […]

When and How to Clean your Home’s Siding

The better things are cared for, the longer they last. This can be said for many possessions but especially your home. As one of your largest investments, we know taking care of your home is a high priority.

8 Tips for Creating an Outdoor Living Space You Love

We wait all winter for the temps to start rising in Kansas City so we can head outside and enjoy the warmer weather. It is even better when we just have to take a step out of our own back door to do it. More and more homeowners are looking to create an outdoor living […]

Wood vs. Composite. Choosing the Right Deck Material

There may be nothing better than when the weather in Kansas City starts cooperating and the longer days allow for time spent outside. Even more relaxing is time spent outside on your deck. Whether you are building new, replacing, or thinking about upgrading your deck, there are many factors in choosing the right one for […]