Six Tips for Building a Strong Team

As a home builder, you know the key to getting the job done, and getting it done well comes down to the team doing the work. For just about any project, when you have a highly effective team, you have everything. Your team is also a reflection of you and an extension of your values. […]

How to Find the Right Installer

Although no one liked doing research papers in high school, those skills can come in handy. The components like making inquiries, finding references, and then drawing informed conclusions can serve you in the decision-making process as a home builder or contractor.

How to Choose the Right Framing Crew

When you look at a website, you only see the interesting visuals and written words that engage the viewer. You don’t see what is holding it all together – the source code inside a website wireframe. These elements are the support structure for how we experience a particular webpage. They are essential because they connect […]

Choosing Lumber. Five Reasons to Go Local.

Give us all the noise of a construction site. Yep, we’ll take that over all the other noise we are bombarded with every day. Why? Because there are real and true things happening on a construction site. Whether it’s building a deck or building a dream home using local lumber, it’s honest work by hard-working […]