Kansas City Door Trends for 2022

The doors in our home serve a purpose. They welcome people in. They let people out. And they provide an opportunity to reflect your style throughout your home. Whether you are choosing doors for a new home build or thinking about replacing the doors in your current home, we have some inspiration for you. Below […]

Top Home Building Trends for 2022

Top Home Building Trends for 2022   The home market saw some ups and downs this past year and in some ways, it kept us all on our toes. From high demand for resale and custom-built homes to a low supply of materials, it has been an interesting stretch for contractors and home builders. But […]

Choosing the Right Trim

Choosing the Right Trim Craftsmanship. It may look like just simple touches but it is the really well-executed details that can bring beauty to a home. Whether you call it trim, molding or millwork, these details add style to a room and enhance a home’s overall interior design. There are a few things to keep […]

A Lumber Company that Builds with You

A Lumber Company that Builds with You Where everybody knows your name. A great line in the theme song for the longstanding 80’s sitcom Cheers. It is a sentiment that sets up a story of a place where people feel at ease within a community. Because a place where everybody knows your name is a […]

Time for Deck Maintenance

We’re welcoming fall for all its change, especially the cooler temps. Because being outside is so much more enjoyable when you are not hot and sticky.

Top Five Reasons to Get New Siding

The most surefire sign that summer has turned to fall is the leaves turning from green to yellow, orange and red. It’s one of the most beautiful things nature has to offer. And fall across the Midwest is second to none. With the nudge from nature, fall is also a great season for making changes […]

Building the Best Lumber Company

Punching a time clock. It’s the coined phrase for the start or the end of the work day. But that’s not really how we do things around here. Because we don’t measure jobs by time, we measure them by whether or not they are done and done right. We’ve been named the #1 lumber supply […]