Buying Kansas City New Construction Homes. A Guide for Success.

This past year the housing market saw some of the lowest inventory for previously owned homes. This drove resale home prices way up. It also moved many folks to look into buying new construction. So know that if you are in the market for buying a home, there are many benefits to new construction. A […]

Top Home Building Trends for 2022

Top Home Building Trends for 2022   The home market saw some ups and downs this past year and in some ways, it kept us all on our toes. From high demand for resale and custom-built homes to a low supply of materials, it has been an interesting stretch for contractors and home builders. But […]

Choosing the Right Trim

Choosing the Right Trim Craftsmanship. It may look like just simple touches but it is the really well-executed details that can bring beauty to a home. Whether you call it trim, molding or millwork, these details add style to a room and enhance a home’s overall interior design. There are a few things to keep […]

A Lumber Company that Builds with You

A Lumber Company that Builds with You Where everybody knows your name. A great line in the theme song for the longstanding 80’s sitcom Cheers. It is a sentiment that sets up a story of a place where people feel at ease within a community. Because a place where everybody knows your name is a […]

How to Find the Right Installer

Although no one liked doing research papers in high school, those skills can come in handy. The components like making inquiries, finding references, and then drawing informed conclusions can serve you in the decision-making process as a home builder or contractor.

Five Ways to Improve Your Work from Home Space

In the last year and a half, many homes have been forced into becoming full-time offices, part-time schools, and everything in between functional spaces. These shifts in-home use have created an upswing in remodeling spaces and renovations to homes to create spaces suitable for school and work to be completed.

Choose the Best Siding for Your Home

Everyone wants a nice-looking home that is a comfortable and safe place for their family. We do this in small ways like painting the interior walls, replacing furnace filters, choosing the best siding, and making sure smoke detectors are working.