How do you handle changes or unexpected commercial construction problems during the construction process?

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Commercial construction projects can be challenging, especially with the potential for unforeseen issues and last-minute changes. But that’s where our expertise comes in. Our promise to you is this: we have the skills, the systems, and the dedication to manage any changes or unexpected commercial construction problems with grace and professionalism. Let’s explore how we do it.

Our Approach to Change Orders

In commercial construction, change orders are an inevitable part of the process. Let’s dive into how we take a proactive and efficient approach to managing these changes, ensuring your project stays on track and within budget.

Keeping Everyone on the Same Page

The change order process can be confusing and stressful for those unfamiliar with the construction industry. When a change order arises, our first priority is ensuring everyone involved has the correct version of the plans.

This includes the architects, the project manager, and all contractors on site. Having the right documents in front of everyone prevents misunderstandings, improves communication, and keeps the project on track.

Adjustments and Oversights

Let’s be real—mistakes can happen in any industry. In the commercial construction business, these often arise in the form of missed elements in the construction documents or unforeseen issues on-site. But here’s where we stand out: if such a scenario arises, we handle it outside of your purview. You might not even realize there was a problem.

We order the additional material and handle it in-house, preventing any disruptions or worries for you, the general contractor, or the customer. It’s part of our commitment to ensure a smooth and stress-free construction process.

Adapting to Client-Requested Changes

Your vision is at the heart of our work, and sometimes, this may mean adapting to changes you request during the construction process. Let’s explore how we accommodate these adjustments efficiently, without compromising on quality or timeline.

Efficient Documentation to prevent commercial construction problems

Sometimes, you, as the owner, might request changes. Maybe you decide you need additional walls, or you have specific details you want addressed. When these legitimate changes come up, we document them meticulously.

Our team submits a change order in a timely manner, ensuring it doesn’t interrupt the flow of the construction process. This efficient handling of adjustments ensures that your vision comes to life just as you envisioned it, without unnecessary delays or misunderstandings.

Fair Pricing for Commercial Construction Problems

It’s no secret that change orders can sometimes be a point of contention due to the potential for extra costs. However, we believe in transparency and fairness. We generally do change orders at cost, understanding that they are a natural part of the process.

We’re not here to make a significant profit from change orders. We see them as an integral part of our job in bringing your project to life in a way that meets—and exceeds—your expectations.

Conclusion: Commercial Construction Problems

Dealing with changes and unexpected commercial construction problems can be challenging. But with our detailed systems, skilled team, and customer-first mindset, we are well-prepared to navigate these scenarios efficiently and professionally.

Remember, the construction process is a journey. Like any journey, it can involve a few twists and turns. But rest assured, we’ll handle them in a way that minimizes stress and maximizes the successful completion of your project. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us for further assistance.

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