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By our name alone, you would obviously expect us to be a lumber supplier in Kansas City. You could probably guess that we will likely deliver it. But what you might not know is that we also build. From commercial to residential, we can provide you the materials for your project and also take the reins for framing it. This is a unique feature for our industry and aligns with our goal to bring a full-service experience to our customers. Including our team in the building process can bring more benefits to your project then perhaps you even realize. Here are just a few ways.

True Partners

When we are responsible for framing, we become a real part of the team. We affect the many components– budget, timeline, workmanship – of the overall project build. Your success is tied to our success. And we seek to deliver at the highest level.

Value Added

By managing the framing function of the build, we lighten your workload leaving you time and personnel resources to focus on other parts of your project. When you hire us for the lumber and the build, there are also savings to your administration and supervision costs as well as an invested interest in staying on budget.

Accuracy and Accountability

Simply put, we care. Whatever we are a part of, we give it our best and integrity is a resounding principle. We believe in reimbursing you for unused material and staying true to the material costs in the job quote despite market fluctuations that come after. You can count on us for accurate billing and you can expect excellence. We give your project the attention and excellence it deserves during the building process.

Quality Warranty

As the case in all aspects of our company, we try to do the right thing all the time, every time. We work hard for your satisfaction and we pursue the highest quality and value for our customers.

Our commitment is getting your confidence.

It’s often said if you want something done right, do it yourself. Or find someone you can really trust. For a growing number of people in Kansas City, that someone is us. We would love to add you to the Lumber One family. Contact us today!

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