Choosing the Right Trim

Choosing the Right Trim

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Choosing the Right Trim

Craftsmanship. It may look like just simple touches but it is the really well-executed details that can bring beauty to a home.

Whether you call it trim, molding or millwork, these details add style to a room and enhance a home’s overall interior design.

There are a few things to keep in mind when approaching a trim work project. Check out these tips to help you make it the most successful.

Identify the project.

There are many different millwork enhancements you can make to a home like a chair rail, panel molding, door and window casings, fireplace surrounds, wall framing, crown molding, and baseboard trim. And the options for trim are countless. You can go with a style as basic as a simple flat board to an advanced one-of-kind carving on the board. Each project will add its own unique decorative look so it comes down to personal preference and individual style.

Choosing the Right Trim: Think it through.

Regardless of what trim project or projects, you decide on, you will want to make consistent choices so that you have a cohesive look throughout the house. It will help to forward things before beginning the project, determine if you will just do one room in the house or if this is something you will incorporate throughout the entire home. If you decide you want to just keep the project simple, we recommend making a choice that will work in other spaces just in case you decide later down the road to expand the look in other rooms.

Choose the material.

You have several options when it comes to the type of material for millwork. Hardwoods are very common and tend to hold up the best over time but they do come with a higher price tag. Pinewood is a cheaper option but because it is softwood, it may show wear or be more susceptible to denting. Medium-density fiberwood is another popular choice because it looks good and sits at a lower price point but keep in mind it does not perform as well in wet, humid areas. Regardless of the material you decide on, you will want to make sure you choose a trim size appropriate for the space it will go in so as to not over or underwhelm the room.

If you are building a home or renovating your current home in Kansas City and have questions about trim, give us a call. We have a team of experts that would love to help you.

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