Come Inside. Choosing the Right Kansas City Doors for Your Home

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First impressions are important. If they weren’t, we wouldn’t work so hard to make good ones. It’s often said that the front door plays a pretty important role in setting the tone for a home. And though what happens within the home itself probably leaves the most lasting impression, the front door creates the first feeling of what’s to come while the interior doors string that feeling throughout.

Doors serve many functions within a home. They invite us in and they show us out. They create privacy and they add character.

So when deciding on the right doors for your home, there are a few things to keep in mind.


Your choice of doors provides an opportunity to share your personal style and design. From the very first thing guests see and touch at your front door to the cohesion doors establish throughout your home, you are creating an aesthetic impression for your family and your guests. Check out Masonite’s shop by style approach to help you find the perfect doors to match the look you want.


Beyond style, doors bring continuity of design within your home which in turn adds visual appeal and value. Even if you are just looking to make a few small changes to spruce up your home, changing the front door can create make a significant shift to the street appeal. Masonite’s exterior door options will add value to your home while attracting the eyes of your neighbors.


Here in the Midwest, multiple seasons can show up in a week, sometimes a day. For this reason alone, you want exterior doors that can withstand the weather changes, hold up against rot and protect your home from pests. The durability of interior doors is also a factor to keep in mind if you have a young family or pets. So whether you are looking for wood, steel or fiberglass, Masonite doors give you performance that’s built to last.

Whether you are finalizing new construction or remodeling your current home, Lumber One is your full-service resource offering a wide selection of trusted interior and exterior door brands including Masonite. Our professional staff is ready to help you find what you want. We also provide installation. Whatever you need, our door is open for you! Contact us today.


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