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Even at a young age, we are taught that the exterior of your home is an important decision. The classic story involving the Big Bad Wolf reveals just how things can unfold without careful consideration. Kidding aside, the decision about home siding is important for many reasons. Since siding makes up the majority of the exterior, it plays a role in the style, structure, and security of a home.

Before choosing the siding product for a new house or refreshing your current home, there are a few things to consider in the decision-making process – form, function, and of course, the financial investment.

Enhance the Appearance

When it comes to the housing industry, we are all familiar with the buzz phrase ‘curb appeal’. It is a factor in the selling and purchasing of a house as well as establishing home value. Siding is easily the largest contributor to a home’s appearance so the decision carries a lot of weight. Choosing a product like LP® SmartSide (TAG) gives the beauty of natural cedar texture while providing strength and long-lasting performance. A siding option like Stucco can provide a distinct look for homes seeking a natural look or more Mediterranean style.

Strength and Durability

The flip side of the beauty function is the brawn. We all want the things that are supposed to be on the outside to stay on the outside. Protecting your home is the most fundamental role siding plays. As the first line of defense against weather related elements like rain, wind, and snow, siding prevents water and cold weather from entering your home. High performing products like James Hardie cement siding (TAG) are designed to stand up to every weather condition.

A Sound Investment

The right siding option should achieve enhancing curb appeal, protecting your home while also increasing efficiency. When cold air seeps in to the interior of a home, the heat clicks on. This overworking of the furnace will drive up the utility bill during the winter months. Since brick provides exceptional insulation and durability over time, it is a great return on investment. It is also money wise to choose a product like KWP engineered wood siding (TAG) that comes with the best siding warranty in the industry.

If you are seeking to revitalize your current home or choosing siding for a new build, we can help. With knowledgeable experts and installation options available, we’re your go-to supplier for siding. Call us to get a quote today! 913.583.9889

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