Five Signs it is Time to Replace Your Kansas City Deck

Five Signs it is Time to Replace Your Deck

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It may not seem like it, but spring is closer than you think. And spring is a perfect time of year to tackle projects that get your outdoor space ready so you can enjoy it for as long as possible. With the weather in Kansas City, it’s possible you can relax, entertain or dine on your deck well into the late fall.

Decks are the prime space for outdoor leisure so you’ll want to make sure it is in good shape. Planning now will help you get all your ducks in a row for deck renovation or maintenance. But there is some deck damage that you should not ignore because it requires more than repair.

If you are questioning the durability of your deck, here are five signs it might be time to replace your deck.

It is Time to Replace Your Deck: Surface Damage

A thorough inspection of your deck is important for identifying whether the damage is a board or two or more extensive. The most common concern for decks is wood rot. It can happen without warning and before you know it can cause a major problem. Deck boards that are warped, broken, or raised can also be a safety hazard and definitely need to be addressed.

Loose Boards or Railings

When it comes to your deck, nothing should wobble, jiggle or shake. Loose boards mean the strength of your structure has been compromised. Likewise, a shaky railing creates risk for family members and guests who unknowingly use it for stability.

Post Erosion

Your Kansas City deck is only as sturdy as the posts it sits on. And since the posts are responsible for carrying the weight of the deck and the people who are on it, it is really important to attend to any damage that might affect its durability. If you find any large cracks, signs of termites, mold, or rot, the strength and safety of your deck are an issue.

Separation from House

The ledger board plays a really important role in your deck. It is the part that keeps it attached to the house. If this becomes damaged, it may cause the deck to pull away from the house. This creates a huge safety hazard as it leaves the deck at risk for potential collapse.

Rusted Hardware

Depending on how old your deck is, rusted hardware may not require complete deck replacement. But you will definitely want to change out any deck hardware that is rusted or showing signs of deterioration. Deck replacement may be necessary if the problem is widespread or damaged enough which puts the structural strength of the deck at risk.

It Is Time to Replace Your Kansas City Deck

Want to get started on planning this project before spring hits? We can help get you ready, supply you with the lumber or other materials you will need, and even help with the installation. Give us a call.

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