Five Signs it is Time to Replace Your Front Door

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Welcome to our home. That’s essentially what a front door does. It’s not only the entry point for friends, family and guests, it also makes a visual statement and serves several important functions.

But front doors are also a high traffic zone, leaving them open for getting banged up, battered and worn down.

Caring for your home means making sure its parts are working properly, including your front door.

Here are five ways to know if you need to upgrade or replace your front door.

Hard to Open

The front door has one of the most frequent uses in a home. And it shouldn’t feel like a workout to enter or exit your home. With all the ins and outs, it’s important that the front door functions properly. Whether it’s because of broken hinges or the integrity of the door is compromised, a door that is getting stuck or is difficult to open/close is asking for replacement.

Not secure

With all the comings and goings, it’s not uncommon for a door to experience wear and tear over time. A door that is cracked, rusted, dented or has holes is structurally more vulnerable. A new door can provide increased security, improve the physical integrity and deter unwanted attention from intruders.

Warped and weathered

Yes, front doors can take the brunt of damage because of daily use and traffic, but can also be at risk from weather damage. And with Kansas City, multiple seasons can be experienced all in one day. Upgrading your front door can beat the unpredictability of the conditions and close the door on weather damage.

Outside is coming in

Just like windows, the doors of your home should keep out air and water. If you are getting moisture or feeling a draft coming into your home from outside, then your door is costing you more than you may realize. Replacing your front door can improve your energy efficiency and save you money on utilities.

Dull and Outdated

The front door plays an important role in the style of home. It gives guests an initial look and establishes a first impression. Updating the front door is a simple way to give your home an aesthetic boost. It’s also one of the best home improvement projects for return on investment, increasing curb appeal and home value.

As your most valued investment, taking care of your home is a main priority. If you are considering replacing your door, give us a call. We have a wide selection of high quality options and a dedicated team that can help you find one that meets your home needs. And we can even install. Call us today at 913.583.9889!

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