Five Tips for Fall Home Maintenance

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There are always sure-fire signs fall is coming – the leaves are changing, holiday décor is starting to pop up, and Kansas City is painting the town red.

It’s also a time when the temperatures start cooling, thus making it a great time to tackle home maintenance projects for inside and outside of the home.

In fact, there are specific tasks that are perfect for this turn of seasons. Check in on your home with this fall checklist.

Eliminate the Draft

A good breeze is great for sitting on the deck or patio. But if you are inside with the windows closed and you are still feeling a draft, something is not right. Windows that work properly should keep all the air out. Air leaks coming from windows will also increase your utility costs. Sealing or replacing windows now will save you in the long run. We carry a full selection of windows and are here to help if needed.

Secure the Doors

Air can also enter your home through the doors of your home. This can affect your home’s temperature and can increase your energy costs as well. Since weatherstripping doesn’t last forever, inspect each door to see if it needs to be replaced. And if the change in season has you wanting to change the look of your front door, we can help you find one that suits your home and style.

Filter Freshen Up

The spring and summer seasons come with more frequent opening and closing of windows and doors. This allows for additional particles like dust to enter the home. Filters collect this dust, which is a good thing except when the build-up begins to reduce their effectiveness and your home’s energy efficiency. Fall is a great time to clean or replace your filters so they work well in the fall and winter.

Gutter Check

There’s no question, leaves are going to fall. And this can cause problems for seasons to come. But that’s not all that causes congestion. In order to keep water moving through and away from your home, clean your gutters so they don’t get clogged. You can also install a mesh guard over the gutters to keep larger debris from accumulating.

Hit the Deck

With cooler temperatures and less humidity, fall is ideal for deck maintenance. Check the deck for any broken boards that need repair or replacement because damaged areas will only get worse with wet and cold conditions. Don’t have a deck but want one? We can help. Find all the lumber and deck supplies you need. Plus, we have the professionals to install it too.

You care about the longevity of your home. Crossing these tasks off your to-do list will help keep your home safe, secure, and save you money. Have questions or need support? We are happy to help. Give us a call. 913-583-9889

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