Five Tips to Keep Your Construction Crew Safe

Five Tips to Keep Your Construction Crew Safe

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Like you, we love building things. Whether it’s a new home, a renovation project, or a three-story commercial building, we value being part of the construction industry. But our line of work has some risks.

Here are some great reminders to help keep you and your construction crew safe on all your construction projects.

Keep Your Construction Crew Safe: Promote safety regularly

When safety measures and protective factors are communicated regularly, they are kept top of mind. New employees, as well as longtime team members, need to understand the potential dangers on the worksite. Visual reminders and scheduled safety pieces of training throughout the year keep staff informed and emphasize health and well-being as a priority.

Have a safety plan

By developing a construction fall protection plan for a new build site, you proactively assess project risks and give your team a heads-up for potential risks. This sets the tone for safety for your crew. It is also a great way to communicate what to do if an accident happens.

Keep Your Construction Crew Safe: Wear protective gear

Construction workers wearing personal protective gear is not a new thing. We are used to wearing helmets, gloves, goggles, and protective face wear, but it’s important to inspect them regularly to make sure they are in good working condition. Things have changed a little in the past couple of years with Covid. Workers are no longer sharing these resources and that will probably hold for the future as well.

Stay alert

The best way to avoid an accident is to report possible hazards when you see them. Encourage your team to keep a lookout and tell a supervisor about tools that are not working properly or faulty equipment. Even things like light bulbs that are out or a slippery surface can create a situation that welcomes a threat to employee safety.

Keep Your Construction Crew Safe: Prevent falls

The greatest threat to construction site safety is a lack of fall protection. Guard against falls with properly working and positioned safety rails, nets, scaffolding, and ladders. Also, by conducting daily walk-throughs, you can make sure working areas are well-cleared of clutter, debris, and spills to avoid people tripping and/or falling.

Prioritizing health and safety is critical to company success. And we care about the people we work with and our partners across the Kansas City community. We want you to be safe so we can keep doing what we love. Give us a call if we can help in any way.

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