Four Reasons to Choose Composite Decking

composite decking

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As a second kitchen, dining space, and entertaining area, decks have increasingly become more of an extension of our homes. A relaxing addition where summer barbeques, family gatherings, and other outdoor activities make up your spring and summer highlight reel. And just like you care for the interior of your home, you know your home’s exterior needs regular maintenance and TLC too.

But with hard working days and busy schedules, the stress of sanding and staining your deck once or twice a year can be less than desired. You deserve to put your feet up and just enjoy your outdoor living space. That’s what it’s for, right?

If you are ready to get right to enjoying your outdoor space, composite decking might be right for you. And here are four reasons why:

Saves you time

You can cross “deck upkeep” off of your list of seasonal things to do. Kansas City composite decking is an almost zero maintenance option. Since the material doesn’t splinter like wood decks, you’ll spend less time replacing the lumber of traditional deck boards. There is a real sense of satisfaction when you can set it and forget it. And have more time to just step outside and unwind.

Ends seasonal spending

The cost of maintaining your home adds up over time. And with each new season, new, needed repairs pop up. Deck maintenance requires replacing broken or rotted deck boards, damaged hardware, and staining or painting yearly, if not more. With composite decking, those costs stop and the relaxing starts.

Holding its look

We could all only hope to age like composite decking. Year after year it naturally holds its appearance, color, strength, and shape far more than traditional decking. And because of the durability of the material, composite decking also has the ability to weather any Kansas City storm.

Adds value

The investment in composite decking can bring you benefits now and in the future. Backyard entertaining spaces are becoming more and more of a “must have.” Meaning having a maintenance-free deck that will hold its look, increase your home value, and appeal to buyers when it comes to selling is a no-brainer.

Deck maintenance can be a thing of the past. Lumber One offers a full range of composite decking options like FiberOn. And you don’t have to worry about installation, we can help with that too. Give us a call at 913.583.9889. Our pros would love to help you get started on a more relaxing and enjoyable outdoor space.

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