Four Ways to Keep Your Kansas City Home Safe This Spring

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Longer days, fresh air, and new blooms are just a few signs of spring. A welcome respite after a long, cold winter. There are definitely some upsides to living in an area that has four seasons, and spring is one of them.

If there was a downside to spring, though, it would probably be the threat of severe weather and the amount of rain that comes with it, especially in Kansas City and the Midwest region.

Because weather damage and water can cause some unique challenges for your home, it’s important to do a spring check-up of your house and property.

Here are four ways you can keep your home safe this season.

Clean the exterior

You would think all the rain of this season would be enough to clean the outside of your home, but it doesn’t quite do the trick. Your gutters and roofing needs to be inspected by a qualified Kansas City roofing contractors to remove any debris that might be creating a block or barrier so that when it does rain, the gutters drain properly. The same goes for your siding. Taking the time to inspect and clean your siding may reveal gaps and cracks where you don’t want water to seep in and further damage your home. If replacing siding is necessary, we carry a vast selection of styles like James Hardie to accommodate your needs and budget.

Make time for deck maintenance

More daylight and comfortable temperatures make spring the perfect time for patio and deck maintenance. A good power wash for your patio and deck provides a clean start to the season. This will also give you a good view to check your deck for any boards that may be split or rotting. If you need board replacements or want a new deck altogether, we can help with all the deck materials and installation too. And since rain and water can soak into deck boards over time, spring is also the best season to stain your deck and protect the durability of the wood.

Check the windows and doors

Nothing says spring like open windows. Inspect your windows and doors for any gaps where condensation could enter. When water enters the home undetected, it can cause damage, rot, and even the accumulation of mold. We carry a large selection of windows and doors and our installation team can set you up for home safety this season.

Get the garage and shed in shape

Expanding your spring-cleaning efforts into your garage and storage spaces will leave you feeling lighter and ready to tackle new projects. We can help you organize your space with materials and hardware for shelving, a workbench, or a storage rack.  You may also want to consider getting a new custom garage door from a local, reputable Kansas City garage door company.

Check off the items on this spring checklist and keep your home in safe and in tip-top shape for this season and the seasons to come. Give us a call to help with advice, materials, and delivery options. We want to see you succeed this spring!

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