Four Ways to Add Privacy to Your Outdoor Living Space

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Outdoor living spaces have seen a big upgrade in the last few years. As their go-to space to relax and unwind, homeowners in Kansas City are putting extra energy into creating an outdoor oasis. Now that things are getting back to normal, they have become the popular place to be for all things family, friends and fun.

With these gatherings becoming more frequent and the warmer weather coming, many folks are finding they want to add privacy to their decks, backyards, and patio spaces. By increasing privacy and eliminating distractions, you still get the benefit of being outside while keeping the focus on the people present.

Whether you want a space for relaxing or entertaining, you can create an outdoor retreat by adding one or more of these privacy-enhancing ideas.


Stay outside longer under the protection of a pergola. With retractable shades or curtains, it also provides lots of shade and flexibility of more or less privacy depending on your preference. Building a pergola is a great DIY project because you will significantly reduce the costs since you only have to pay for supplies. This is a great way to create an impressive semiprivate living space.

Ways to Add Privacy to Your Outdoor Living Space: Wood Trellis

Offering both style and solitude, a trellis provides a raised wall perfect for any outdoor setup. Installing plant climbers within the trellis gives a natural look while achieving additional privacy.

Although you can buy a premade trellis, it is also something you can easily build yourself. Use rot-resistant wood, like cedar or pine which will give you long-term durability. And stain or paint the wood to match your deck or fence.


Whether you choose trees, shrubs, or raised pots with tall plants, you can get creative while creating some solitude. Though landscaping provides the most natural and environmentally friendly approach, there will be more ongoing costs associated with trimming, feeding, and upkeep. But if you are not in a hurry for privacy, you can build this up over time.

Ways to Add Privacy to Your Outdoor Living Space: High Privacy Wall

If you don’t have a fence and not looking to install one, building a high wall may be the right solution for you. You can construct a privacy wall with thin wood panels either horizontally or vertically. Style up the wall with hanging planters, potted shrubs, or outdoor-friendly décor.

There are various ways to add privacy to your outdoor living space without sacrificing design. And we are here to help. Whether you need advice, lumber, supplies, or support with installation, we have you covered. Call us today.

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