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Every year, 19 million Legos are produced. Every second, nearly 7 Lego sets are sold around the globe. There are likely children of all ages adding them to Christmas lists right now. So what is it about Legos that make them so popular?

People like to build things. Even at a young age, there is something about seeing a scattered pile of bits and pieces come together to make a finished project.

Custom Build Projects with Lumber One

This is a sentiment that hits home for us. In fact, one of the things we enjoy most about what we do is being a part of custom build projects. At Lumber One, our partnership capabilities enhance the building process for a custom home and here’s how.

Prepared with products.

As a supplier of lumber, doors, windows, siding, hardware, and more, we are set up to serve all of the customer and custom build needs. Building a home from scratch has a lot of moving parts. We carry the highest quality of products like YellaWood that bring high value to each project. Our wide selection in products like James Hardie Siding or Therma Tru Doors can accommodate the individual preferences of each customer. Builders appreciate the one shop convenience we provide.

Grounded in customer service.

Yes, we love building things, but we also make it a point to build a customer experience second to none. Like any large project, a custom build can come with its own set of headaches. Our skilled staff help take the stress out of the build by listening, responding, and providing the best service to each customer. Superior service leads to success and that’s what we strive for every time.

Understand the industry.

Locally owned and operated for more than fifteen years, we know the ins and outs of new construction and custom home building. There’s no question that doing things right the first time is cost effective. With more than 200 years of combined experience, we bring value and expertise that saves time and money. If budget is an issue, building in the winter could save money on materials. But if time is of the essence, a summer build will give you longer days for working and less likely weather disruption.

Contact Us for Your Custom Build Project

We still enjoy diving into a good Lego set, but it’s no match for the satisfaction we get from partnering on a custom build. At Lumber One, we work to make builders’ work go smoother. If you are looking for a partner you can count on for a custom build project, contact us at 913-583-9889. We would love to go to work for you.

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