Kansas City Building Material Quoting Process

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The call for quoting help comes in “I’m building a house in the Kansas City area. Can you give us a quote?” It’s a call we take weekly, sometimes daily. It’s a call we don’t take for granted because we respect every caller on the other end of the line.

And just like each individual call, each individual part of the process is important to bringing the best possible customer experience to you. The Kansas City building material quoting process is no different. In fact, this is where some of the values we hold closest may go unseen but are implemented unequivocally.


Once we receive the call and prints for the project are sent over, we provide a “take-off.” Like a plane taking flight for the journey ahead, this process sets the course. It’s where the building starts to rise from the blueprints. You can expect a clear and straightforward estimate of the Kansas City building supply and material quantities you need as well as a quote for labor. No hidden costs. No hidden agenda.


To provide you the most precise quote for your project, we lean on our expertise in the field. We become deeply familiar with your project. And your material estimates are projected by the eye, hand and experience of our skilled staff not just an automated system. This distinction allows us to be fully present to the details of your project and allows us to walk you through any questions you may have.


You come to us looking for a fair and accurate estimate so you can plan accordingly. And we want to deliver on that expectation. Providing an over- or underestimate of the project only does you a disservice. We want all of our customers to feel confident that the quote we give them is true to their specific needs.


There have been several occasions where the customer decided to go with someone else. It happens. The most common reason being they came in with a lower bid. Most times this underestimate results in getting the job but fails to stay consistent with the original bid adding unforeseen costs to the customer later in the project. Honesty is a driving force for us. We are steadfast and committed to giving you the most accurate building material quoting possible, so you can plan your project with real costs.

It’s important to us to give our very best so that we are not doing it just to get the job.

What it all adds up to for us…is trust, relationships and the Lumber One name. We hold ourselves accountable at every step of the process. And at every point of our business, you will find a group of caring individuals carrying out their part of the job at the highest level of integrity. Because we believe that’s something to build on. Contact us today.

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