A Strong Foundation. Building More Than Houses in Kansas City.

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A house’s frame is only as strong as its foundation.

That’s true in business as well.

And it all begins with integrity. At its simplest – doing what you say you’re going to do.

It’s harder than it sounds, just those few words on a screen. Because they only really mean something if there’s action behind them.

Like the act of hiring a team that gets it. A team that is more like family, one that has employees that have stayed for decades. A team that wakes up at 5 am rain or shine, to ensure your delivery arrives in time for you to get your work done.

Building More than Homes & Buildings

Because we’re all building more than just homes and buildings here. We’re building a life. We’re putting food on the table for our families, and we’re doing it together. Our team and our partners.

Another one of those words, tied to integrity, that really only means something if you put some action behind it, is honesty.

Honesty isn’t always that easy. But then again, neither is building a house. But the lumber doesn’t do a whole lot of good just lying there. The house has to get built.

This plays out in the very first quote. Listen, this year we’ve all watched the price of lumber fluctuate more times than the amount of questions a two year old can ask in a day. But we knew we had to do the work of a good partner.

The work of holding to that same initial bid, no matter where the wind blows.

It also plays out in an accurate takeoff. We’re not in the business of winning jobs just to pull back the curtain for some major problems down the road. We’re in the business of helping you build yours, one house at a time.

This year, we’ve all had a lot of external circumstances that keep changing the game.

Our Team & Our Customers

But the house we’re building with our team and our customers can’t be shaken, because we’re building it on the hard, solid stuff of integrity, honesty, and each other.

So whether you’re building a single custom home, a neighborhood, or a new hotel, you’ll find the same service, the same products, and the same partners standing right by your side.

And we just hope that, when you leave the site, kick the dust off your shoes and walk inside your own home, you feel it – that we’re all doing this together.

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Whether you’re looking for lumber, siding, windows and doors, decks, or even a framing crew, give us a call at 913-583-9889.

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