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A single drop in a bucket doesn’t amount to too much. But a consistent drip of the right substance, especially over time, can make for a bucket full of something great. At Lumber One, we understand the value of every interaction. As a service and material provider, we fully know that our front-line interaction with our customers is vital to building consumer confidence. We also know that it’s equally important to have a strong relationship with our suppliers behind the scenes.


Because what happens in the back-office processes can create advantages for our customers – even if they never know about it. Suppliers are an important part of the product lifecycle. The purchasing coordination that takes place with our vendors is a process that supports a consistent drip to fill our bucket with excellence.

And here’s how our attention to that process brings benefit to you.

Consistent Quality from Suppliers

Our relationships with suppliers are strong. This is the result of years of continual honest communication, shared standards, and loyalty.

They know us. We know them. And together, we seek the best for each other.

Because of this, our suppliers are invested in delivering the best product quality and are the first to tell us of new product innovations and developments which we bring to our customers.

Competitive Pricing

Market fluctuations are a part of the business.

And since the purchasing process is detailed and ongoing, it’s important to keep a detailed eye on the market. While we inherently do this in house, our strong relationship with suppliers gives us extra eyes in the field, and even more of an advantage to stay ahead of market changes for our inventory needs.

All of this coordinated effort allows us to avoid price volatility and offer the most competitive price to our customers.

Commitment to Confidence

Inventory turnover is constant.

So, our investment in vendor relationships is an investment in reliable product delivery. Being consistent, especially in the
areas of quality and pricing, builds confidence.

And we take the confidence people place in us very seriously.

Whether you are buying materials for a small one-bedroom house or a four-story hotel, it is our goal to provide you with the highest quality at the most competitive price. In our pursuit to fill the bucket with only drops of excellence, the relationships we build with our suppliers and maintain contribute to us being able to do just that. Contact us today.

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