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We’re welcoming fall for all its change, especially the cooler temps. Because being outside is so much more enjoyable when you are not hot and sticky.

Of course, summer is great for many reasons but the Kansas City heat and humidity can wear on you. It can wear on the condition of your deck too.

And decks are the best place to spend time together with friends and family especially in a season of pleasant weather.

So how is your deck holding up? Some deck decline is obvious but sometimes, issues can go unnoticed. The beginning of the fall season is a great time to take a closer look and determine if deck repair or replacement is the right choice for you.

What maintenance does your deck need? We will help you answer that question here.

Deck maintenance

A thorough check of your deck will identify any broken or rotted boards that may need to be replaced. Staying on top of the repairs will keep your deck safe for all the people and fun you want to have. We have all the lumber and deck supplies you need to secure your deck for the season.

Adding on

If you have realized that your deck isn’t accommodating your entertainment needs, adding on could be the answer. More and more people are using their deck as a way to extend their living space. Expanding your current deck to include an outdoor kitchen, fire pit and comfortable seating will benefit you now and in future resale value.

Start from scratch

In some cases, the deck repair may be almost as costly and time-consuming as starting new. Building a new deck will also give you more options for getting exactly what you want while increasing the value of your home.

A partner you trust

Just like you call on us for many of your needs, we call on a list of partners that have our confidence. When it comes to decking, Heartland Decks is that partner for us. And when we refer folks to them, we know they will be well taken care of and the work will be up to the standard we value. To learn more about Heartland Decks visit https://heartlanddecks.com

Bring on the gathering with a deck you love. Call us if you have any questions or need help with deck maintenance. We want to see you make the most of the fall season and set yourself up for good times outdoors on your own deck.

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