Top Home Building Trends for 2022

Top Home Building Trends for 2022

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Top Home Building Trends for 2022


The home market saw some ups and downs this past year and in some ways, it kept us all on our toes. From high demand for resale and custom-built homes to a low supply of materials, it has been an interesting stretch for contractors and home builders. But with everything that goes into the home market, you can always count on a few challenges and a little unpredictability.

There are some things we can anticipate for 2022. Here are a few of the projected home building trends that are forecasted for the next year.

Rooms with adaptability.

If there is anything the last few years have forced us into learning, it is that flexibility is really important. That idea is definitely finding its way into the home setting too. Homeowners are wanting spaces that have dual functionality or that can be easily converted from one purpose to another. Although the need for home office space continues to be on the rise, folks still want a spare bedroom for guests. Rooms that can be multi-purpose will be well received by those shopping for a new home.

Top Home Building Trends for 2022: Outdoor living space.

Because of the state of social activities, backyard renovation took a big jump in the last couple of years in Kansas City. People realized just how much they enjoy the convenience of outdoor cooking, relaxation, and entertainment. And as families are looking for homes, this feature will continue to be a priority. Elements like an expanded deck or patio with seating to gather, a full kitchen or built-in barbeque, and enhancements like a fire pit, landscape lighting, and fence will attract future home buyers.

Increased energy efficiency.

Offering a home that has savings built-in. Yes, please. As more and more people are seeking energy-efficient homes, home builders are incorporating these features from the start. This includes designing the home with sun-facing windows to reduce winter heating costs, installing highly insulated doors, selecting energy-efficient appliances, and minimizing energy use for lighting by maximizing natural light or installing LED lights.

Keep it simple.

While spending a lot of time in the home the last few years, many people cleared out their clutter and rid their home of all the extra stuff. This kicked off a trend of simplicity for new homes and home builders are taking note with a shift to a more minimalistic home design.

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