8 Tips for Creating an Outdoor Living Space You Love

8 Tips for Creating an Outdoor Living Space You Love

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We wait all winter for the temps to start rising in Kansas City so we can head outside and enjoy the warmer weather. It is even better when we just have to take a step out of our own back door to do it.

More and more homeowners are looking to create an outdoor living space that is an extension of their home. Not to mention, one that is multi-purposed. Creating a backyard retreat for yourself is possible. Here are 8 tips to design an outdoor living space that you will love.

Make it comfy

The best place to relax and unwind is a place that you want to sink into. Picking the right outdoor furniture with cozy cushions, plush pillows, and soft blankets will make it space so inviting you will want to stay all night.

Light it up

Nothing creates the right mood like the right lighting. Make your space more elegant, and inviting with soft lights near seating areas and walkways and accent lights in areas you want to visually highlight, such as landscaping. Lighting also allows you to extend your time outside after the sun goes down.

Creating an Outdoor Living Space You Love: Get some shade

The summer sun can wear you down. Adding coverage on your deck or patio will help you enjoy your time outside longer. There are many ways to add coverage to your deck or patio. Building a pergola with curtains, planting tall trees, or setting up a patio table or offset umbrella will help block the sun and protect you and your guests.

Build a fire

Enjoying friends and family around an outdoor fire is a summer night’s dream. An outdoor fireplace, and built-in or portable fire pit can bring people together and provide hours of enjoyment over a cozy fire.

Creating an Outdoor Living Space You Love: Prepare to dine

Speaking of fire, an outdoor kitchen takes entertaining to the next level. Whether you are hosting a party or simply having friends over for a BBQ, an outdoor kitchen adds functionality and convenience to your outdoor living space.

Make a splash

Talk about creating an escape, a backyard pool with a wraparound deck gives you a retreat right outside your door.  Great for both exercise and relaxation, you will be the envy of all your neighbors.

Creating an Outdoor Living Space You Love: Get planted

You will be amazed at how something as simple as Kansas City landscaping and gardens can add style and sophistication to your outdoor living space. Add dimension with potted plants, shelving, or a trellis.


Finishing touches can bring it all together. Whether it is flooring, side tables, or decorative fixtures, this is where you can add your own personal style and set the tone for your space.

There is so much to enjoy about our home. And we can help you extend that love to your outdoor living space. Get your backyard ready for better weather today. And give us a call.

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