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Time is a funny thing. It’s what we all wish we had more of, right? Yet it ticks away like the hammer to a nail.

Like you, we rise and get ready before the sun. Clocking in for the day before most folks even hit their alarm. Trying to get ahead of the clock and maybe make it to a Little League game on time.

Because it’s more about a livelihood than it is about making a living – although we’re here to do both. And sure, we’re working to do that for ourselves, the same as you are. But what really helps us rise when that early alarm rings is doing that for customers.

After the alarm and a hot cup of coffee, your day begins – all centered around whatever builds are going on that day.

And each new Kansas City home build has a long checklist, with framing being a sizable part of every one of them. Framing a residential or commercial building has endless amounts of checkmarks in itself, with people, days, lumber, and dollar signs attached to each of them.

They can become the bottleneck, and many times, they’re what make you late to that Little League game.

Imagine freeing up your time, your crew, your mental space, and being able to check framing off your list.

Kansas City Framing Contractors

Picture a build where trusted framing contractors show up (on time), and you either watch it all happen or move on to what’s next on your list. Not only that, when it comes to that crew, you can keep crossing a few more items off: payroll, construction insurance, and billing.

You don’t look at projects as big or small. You look at them as dreams being brought to life. Whether you have fifty new houses or a single commercial project to build, you will find a true partner in us.

At the end of the day, our goal is to give you back some time. Time so you can do more. Whether that’s building more houses, growing your business, or getting you to the Little League field on the other side of Kansas City.

Yes, we sell lumber, siding, window, doors, and lots of other building materials, but ultimately it’s about building a life. And one you can be proud of.

Let’s partner on something together. We promise it will be worth your time. Give us a call at 913-583-9889.

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