Choosing Lumber. Five Reasons to Go Local.

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Give us all the noise of a construction site. Yep, we’ll take that over all the other noise we are bombarded with every day. Why? Because there are real and true things happening on a construction site. Whether it’s building a deck or building a dream home using local lumber, it’s honest work by hard-working people.

As a local lumber yard, providing products and labor for countless big and small projects a year, we feel a sense of pride and responsibility to our neighbors. It’s not just our livelihood, it’s what we love to do.

There is a lot of noise in the options you have when choosing building products and service providers. Here are five reasons why going with a local lumber yard gives you a calm edge in quality, service, and selection.

Experts in the Field

For a local lumber yard, the depth of expertise and experience with products is unmatched. Nothing against big box stores, but lumber yard knowledge goes beyond reciting product features. Our hands have cut, delivered, and built with the products that we carry and recommend to our customers. And we have the splinters to show for it.

Superior Selection

Lumber yards can offer a far larger selection because lumber and wood-related products are the primary focus. You will also get better value since products move through a local yard at a quicker pace, resulting in better pricing and higher quality product.

Better Pricing

Everyone wants the best deal. And because of their specialization, lumber yards can deliver on it. Buying lumber every day creates strong relationships with suppliers and lumber mills. This means competitive pricing with the varying types of lumber options.

Trusted Partners

Finding a quality referral can be difficult and overwhelming. So whether you are looking for a contractor or anything else building related, you can have confidence asking someone at your local lumber yard. Because chances are really good they’ve “got a guy” and maybe, more importantly, they know the avenues to avoid.

Exceptional Product Care

With lumber being the core business of lumber yards, you can count on the fact that they care for the product better than anybody else. It is handled and stored properly and there are not as many customers moving, touching, or picking through the product. Local lumber yards are also more likely to guarantee product quality and service integrity.

Local lumber yards aren’t noisy. They put their heads down. They provide exceptional service delivery to their customers. And they contribute to their local communities.

It’s that quiet day-in-and-day-out that gets things done. The humble focus that understands your needs and is all in for your success. It’s the Lumber One way. For a partner you can trust, call us at 913-583-9889.

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