Kansas City Door Trends for 2022

Door Trends

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The doors in our home serve a purpose. They welcome people in. They let people out. And they provide an opportunity to reflect your style throughout your home.

Whether you are choosing doors for a new home build or thinking about replacing the doors in your current home, we have some inspiration for you. Below are the door trends for style, color, and material for 2022 that will hopefully spark an idea for your new doors.

Size up

Leading the way this year are doors that go beyond the standard size. They can be seen taking up more space as taller and wider doors are finding themselves at the front entryway and throughout homes. This includes double-leaf doors and, in some cases, a three-leaf door.

Choose the type

Door trends are leaning towards natural and modern materials this year. Classic wood doors give you the sturdiness and high quality while radiating warmth and comfort. For a more contemporary style, metal is also a popular pick for doors and unique hardware designs.

Door Trends: See it through

Another popular choice for 2022 is glass doors. Glass doors give the function of separating rooms while still keeping the home connected. They also create an inviting feel, adding more visibility and daylight. Designers also suggest opening up the space by replacing a wall with a frosted glass sliding door.

Make it minimal

Design trends continue to see minimalistic styles rise to the surface. This approach to simplicity now includes doors that take on the same color, style, and material to blend in with the wall. Although growing in popularity, it is best suited for more contemporary home designs.

Door Trends: Color it up

White and neutral-colored doors are still a classic look for any room, but the color is having a bit of a moment when it comes to doors. Designers recommend choosing a color that contrasts the wall color or matching it with the floor for a chic look.

Out in front

Specifically for the front entry, statement doors are gaining traction and the eye of homeowners. Wide entry doors made of wood, metal, glass, or a combination of them are trending. Adding a bit of softness to the front of the home, architectural designs like arched doors are becoming more popular as well.  And don’t forget about coordinating with your other exterior door systems – for example, a professional Kansas City garage door company can help you get a great garage door design with the latest security and remote technologies.

Door Trends 2022

Just like doors are more than just a part of your home, we are more than a lumberyard serving Kansas City. We can help you find the doors and hardware you want for your new home or renovation project. With a large selection and experts on hand, we make the process easy and convenient. Call us today.

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