Five Reasons to Replace Your Windows this Fall

Five Reasons to Replace Your Windows this Fall

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Let’s talk about the five reasons to replace your windows this fall.

Every season comes with its to-do list. Just ask any homeowner. Taking care of your house requires addressing the small, everyday projects as well as making sure the bones of your home are holding strong.

Windows are one of the foundational components and if they need replacement, fall is the perfect season to do it.

Here are the Five Reasons to Replace Your Windows This Fall

Increased home efficiency.

The cold of a Kansas City winter can cut right through you. Your windows should provide a layer of protection for you and your home. When windows are letting air through, it is affecting the comfort of your home and creating additional expenses for you. Replacing your windows will increase your home’s efficiency and decrease your utility bills.

The conditions are good.

Fall weather lends itself to a Kansas City window replacement project. It’s not too hot or cold and storms tend to stay at bay. These ideal conditions not only reduce issues for installation, but the moderate weather also helps the windows properly seal.

Reasons to Replace Your Windows: Adds aesthetic value.

Out with the old, in with the new brings the benefit of an updated look too. Changing the material, color, or design of your windows can freshen up the appearance of your home and create added curb appeal. Our selection of state-of-the-art wood, wood-clad, or high-performance vinyl windows can set your home apart.

Off-season advantages.

Home improvement projects spike in the spring, causing backup throughout the summer. It is advantageous for homeowners to pursue home improvement plans in the fall both from a cost and completion standpoint. Choosing to replace windows in the fall gives you more flexibility and potentially a quicker turnaround of the project.

Protection peace of mind.

The strength of your windows affects the strength of your home. And you work hard to make sure your home is a safe and secure place for your family. New windows can give you the confidence and comfort for your family to enjoy for many years.

We want to help bring you that confidence and comfort. Our large selection of windows and installation capabilities makes it an easier project to tackle. Enjoy the fall season by letting us take the lead. Give us a call today at 913-583-9889 and the Lumber One team would be more than willing to assist.

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