How to Choose the Right Framing Crew

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When you look at a website, you only see the interesting visuals and written words that engage the viewer. You don’t see what is holding it all together – the source code inside a website wireframe. These elements are the support structure for how we experience a particular webpage. They are essential because they connect the idea with what everyone sees. The same is true for the framing of a residential or commercial build. As a contractor, you know it’s one of the most important elements to a home or building’s structure. It connects the foundation with the roof and supports the various components of the build. The framing also ensures long-term stability. Because the framing of a build is so important, finding a reputable and responsible framing crew is critical – and for many reasons.

Here are several ways why choosing us for your framing needs brings benefit to you and the project’s success.

Have more time on your hands

As the general contractor, your focus is being pulled in many different directions. When you partner with us, we take on the project like it is our own. We manage the crew and care for the site, which allows you to spend your time on other parts of the project or a different job altogether. Time is money, and we will save you some of that too.

Consolidate your costs

We are more than a lumberyard. On top of high quality lumber and building supplies, we provide you an expert team of framers for any size job. This full service partnership benefits you on an efficiency and financial standpoint. You get accurate take-offs and a one stop shop experience that makes things easier and less expensive for you.

Convenience you can count on

Not only will you spend less time and money on administrative and oversight costs, we simplify your project management. We streamline the purchase of supplies, the timing of delivery and manage the framing from the first nail to the broom swept finish. We offer same day delivery and our service area extends way beyond Kansas City.

A partner you can trust

It’s getting harder and harder to find a crew that has high standards and strives for excellence in their work. Our value system is grounded in the service we provide and the way in which we provide it. We are invested in your success because one, that’s just who we are and two, we take pride in our work.

Work comes with enough headaches. Let us take a few off of you. Regardless of the size of the build, we can add value to your team and help you achieve the success you desire. Give us a call today at 913.583.9889!

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