How to Find the Right Installer

How to Find the Right Installer

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Although no one liked doing research papers in high school, those skills can come in handy. The components like making inquiries, finding references, and then drawing informed conclusions can serve you in the decision-making process as a home builder or contractor.

Your team is a reflection of you so when you are choosing an important role like an installer, you want a person or people you can trust representing you. This takes some vetting. Here are five ways to help you do the appropriate research and select the right installer for your team.

Ask about Qualifications.

The first step in determining credibility is to ask for credentials. Making sure the person is licensed and insured will build initial confidence and save you from potential headaches down the road. Also, ask if they will be working solo or with other people. It is worth knowing the qualifications of everyone potentially working on the job.

Read the Reviews.

This is a great tool to get insight into the individual and their work. But it is important to remember that happy customers are likely not the ones leaving reviews. Most reviews are from people who had a negative experience for whatever reason. If there is a pattern in the reviews, this could be more telling than a one-time negative experience.

Find the Right Installer: Check their References.

On the flip side of reviews reference. Since references are usually provided by the person themselves, they tend to be pretty positive. But it is good to hear from people who have worked with them and have a level of trust in their work. Also, it is good to note if the references are local or outside of the Kansas City area.

Assess Expertise.

Each job is unique and you want someone who knows to get the job done but also troubleshoot if challenges arise. A seasoned installer will typically have at least three years of experience. If your project calls for an expert installer, then you may want someone with eight to ten years or more in the field.

Get Estimates.

Securing multiple quotes will give you a good range for your job. And any professional installer should be able to get you a cost estimate on time. Transparency on the estimate is important as well. Seeing a breakdown of costs for labor, materials, and supplies will help you cost compare. Keep in mind the best installers don’t always provide the lowest bid.

We know all about building a strong team and we have a solid list of partners in the community. Let us know here in Lumber One KC if we can help you find the right installer for your job.

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