Needing Lumber. Finding Trust.

Needing lumber trust

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There was a time when a handshake really meant something. Two people starting a business relationship, sealing a deal, making good on a promise, and building trust.

A handshake signifying ‘we are in it’ and more importantly, ‘we are in it together.’ An unspoken commitment of trust.

We still believe in the significance of a handshake but realize there has to be something behind it. An extended hand should be an extension of core values.

For us, it’s more than the Kansas City community counting on our expertise. It’s doing the right thing.

As a locally owned company, it’s critical we care for our community and the customers in it. Selling you cheaper lumber to make a sale is not what we are after. Our goal is to use our expertise and knowledge to help you better understand the needs for your project. Lumber One may quote you more material up front for your build, because we have some of the most accurate takeoffs around, but this is going to save you headaches in the long run. When you don’t have to go back for more material it helps you with up-front budgeting for all your projects.

Or like framing a house. Framing isn’t just about the lumber, hammer, and nails. It’s about the consistent attention to tight fits and straight boards. It’s an orderly and organized construction site. It’s walking up to a job and noticing the high quality work. It’s doing things in a way that you can see and feel the difference.

Yes, knowledge allows us to tackle any size project, whether it’s a remodel or a 4-story commercial construction. But the experience we strive to create is the mortar that builds our business.

It really is your trust that makes us tick. Giving you what you need, when you need it, where you need it, is the get up early and go that drives our partner relationships.

And not to say that every project is going to be perfect. Because human error happens. That’s why investing in the relationship is so important to us, so customers know that if something goes wrong we are going to make it right. That is what true partnership means to us.

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Our business is personal and that means when you join us in partnership, you join the family. We will take care of you. We will earn your trust. We will make good on our handshake.

If you are looking for confidence and a committed partner for your next project, call us at 913.583.9889.

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