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As the old adage goes, you reap what you sow. And like a wise farmer, we seek to plant the best seeds possible so we can realize the best outcomes possible. Many of those seeds are planted in the individual parts of the project lifecycle. Keep reading to learn about the quote acceptance stage of our project lifecycle.

When we send a quote for a job back to the customer, we break down the costs for each component of the project. But more than that, we are planting a seed of transparency, honesty, and the foundation for the partnership we hope to build. We want you to understand and feel confident about what you can expect from us.

And when you say go, you can count on us to move through a well thought out process that has you and your needs as the guide.


Once we have quote acceptance, we move into the coordination phase. Coordination in any system can be complex so it requires a proficiency in synchronizing customer needs, project timeline and also being nimble to the occasional changes that can occur in the building process. Taking the lead is the salesperson who manages the delivery schedule from the customer and aligns it with the various roles our team member’s play.

Coordinating when we pull materials, when we load and when we leave the yard takes being in tune with every progression of the project. That often means dropping in at construction sites to anticipate possible changes.


Even with a yard full of materials, the greatest tool we have is communication. Effective communication is what makes effective coordination happen. We stay in close contact with customers which allows us to stay in the loop of project delays or when customers need materials earlier than anticipated. And clear communication within our team keeps everyone pulling in the same direction toward a shared goal – excellence in service.


Delivery isn’t about an unload. For us, it’s a thoughtful, attentive, customer-focused approach. We strongly believe in delivering what the customer needs, when they need it. If you don’t need windows for two weeks, then we wait two weeks to deliver windows. By dropping off supplies on the day or the night before you need them, your job site is organized and protected against the possible threat of theft.

All of this contributes to the Lumber One difference. The attention to detail in the quote acceptance stage is time well spent for us. The seeds we choose to attentively cultivate reap great rewards – strong relationships, return customers and living out the Lumber One values. Contact us today.

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