Revive Your Deck. In Five Steps.

Revive Your Deck. In Five Steps.

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Winter weather in Kansas City can bring its fair share of moisture. With rain, snow, and ice – and sometimes a mix of all three on the same day – these wet conditions can cause damage to your outdoor living spaces.

In fact, your deck can take a big hit because moisture is not a friend to wood. It can cause wood rot, mold, and mildew that can be unsightly and unsafe. But these are not the only elements that can affect the life and look of your deck wood. Even the exposure to the sun can leave the wood looking dingy and drab.

With a little elbow grease and a good scrub, you can revive your weathered deck. Here is a five-step guide to washing your deck back to life.

Revive Your Deck: Check for Damage First

Before you jump into cleaning, first inspect your deck for any damaged or loose boards. Tighten any boards that are not secure and change out any rusted hardware. Also if you have any broken, warped, or cracked boards, you will want to replace or repair them prior to cleaning.

Gather Your Supplies

There are several types of deck cleaners. Some are in powder form that needs to be mixed with water and then applied. Others are liquid and can be sprayed right onto the wood. Many of the cleaners are specific to the type of wood so read the label to find the best product for your deck wood. You will also need a mop, scrub brush, and garden hose close by.

Revive Your Deck: Protect Yourself

Deck cleaners can contain harsh ingredients that may aggravate your skin. It is always a good idea to wear cleaning gloves, pants, and long sleeves to protect your hands, arms, and legs from potential irritation. If you don’t wear glasses already, wearing protective eyewear is also a good idea.

Check the Weather

Early spring is a great time to clean the deck because the boards will be cool. You don’t want to apply the deck cleaner on boards that have been exposed to hot temperatures or the sun for an extended period. You want the cleaner to sit on the boards for a few minutes before cleaning and if it is too hot, the liquid could evaporate.

Revive Your Deck: End with a Finish

You have scrubbed and rinsed your deck and it looks great. Now what? Cleaning the boards will revive the wood but not protect it completely from fading again. To extend the new and clean look, apply a good stain or deck sealer.

Our team of experts knows lumber and knows how to care for it. If you have any questions or need help with choosing the right supplies, give us a call.

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