Six Tips for Building a Strong Team

Six Tips for Building a Strong Team

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As a home builder, you know the key to getting the job done, and getting it done well comes down to the team doing the work. For just about any project, when you have a highly effective team, you have everything.

Your team is also a reflection of you and an extension of your values. Finding, developing, and keeping a good team is not only good for job completion but is also good for the longevity of your company.

How do you create a great team? It is more than just luck. Although when you have one, it can make you feel pretty lucky.

Building a strong team takes intentional effort. And there are some things you can put in place to help make it happen. Here are five tips to help home builders build a strong team:

Make it easy

You are more likely to get a better pool of candidates when it is easy to find a job posting and even more so if it is easy to apply. Having a hiring form directly on your website makes it convenient for applicants. It also makes it easier for you to compare candidates.

Building a Strong Team: Seek recommendations

Besides posting on your website and job sites, asking those you trust in the field and other construction partners you work with could lead you to your next best team member. You should also seek recommendations from your social media following since they are invested in keeping up with you on a regular basis.

Hire character

You may not be able to find someone with all the job skills you are looking for but those are easier to train than the skills of integrity, responsibility, and pride in one’s work. And those character traits make great team players. Always.

Building a Strong Team: Supply them with swag

By outfitting your team with high-quality branded items, you are demonstrating your trust in them from the get-go. This also lets them know they are a valued part of the team which in turn generates loyalty back to the company. It might seem like just a small gesture but if done regularly, you will have team members who feel appreciated and invested.

Provide key benefits

Traditional benefits like health, disability, and life insurance are great for attracting employees but going beyond the basics could really help you keep them. Benefits like flexibility, wellness benefits, educational assistance, and professional development can separate you from other employers.

Building a Strong Team: Recognize and reward

Regular feedback in the form of verbal recognition can go a long way toward creating job satisfaction and building loyalty. And though employees always respond positively to a raise, other cost-effective rewards like a Friday afternoon off or team-building outing can boost employee enthusiasm as well.

When team members are happy and feel valued, they work hard for you and each other. And this positive energy is contagious. Other team members will feel it and your Kansas City customers will too. We are here to help you build in every way. Reach out if there is anything we can do for you.

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