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There is something about middle America. The charm of the Midwest, the character of the people, and the beating heart of our country all play a part in making this an incredible place to live and do business. When we mention that we are located in Desoto, Kansas, more times than not we get people asking the, “where is that?” question. We understand. Most people may not be familiar with Desoto, Kanas, so it can seem like a long way away. But we find folks tend to take notice when you are a small business that delivers big.

Deliver where you are.

We take pride in being a partner in building our local community. And you might be surprised just how far we are able to cast that interconnected community net. Whether you are from the northland up in Kearney, the east in Odessa, or the south in…well, we delivered to Branson last week, we’ve got the area covered.

Deliver what you need when you need it.

Operating in a small town with close proximity to the city gives us the best of both worlds. We provide a hometown feel with quick turnaround service. Because we are so nimble, we can also offer you delivery options. And anything less than an hour away, we can service twice per week.

Deliver on our word.

We don’t take relationships for granted. That’s why we give you an honest quote and hold to that price from estimate to job completion. We are committed to consistent high-quality service so you can have confidence in the project being done right. Every time.

Sure, we’re based in Desoto, Kansas. But like most local businesses that care, we’ll meet you right where you are – no matter how big or small the project. Visit www.lumberonekc.com or call us at (913) 583-9889 for service delivery you can trust. Contact us today.

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