When and How to Clean your Home’s Siding

When and How to Clean your Home’s Siding

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The better things are cared for, the longer they last. This can be said for many possessions but especially your home. As one of your largest investments, we know taking care of your home is a high priority.

Springtime in Kansas City is the perfect time for maintaining the outside of your home. With longer daylight hours and moderate temperatures, putting in some elbow grease outside is ideal.

The siding is your home’s first line of defense. And although it is pretty sturdy and long-lasting, it will require occasional cleaning and maintenance.

When to Wash

Not sure when the siding of your home should be washed? A thorough eye test can help determine if it is time to scrub your siding.

Wind, traffic, and even a leaf or snow blower can send debris and dirt up onto your siding. Over time, this can create a soiled and dingy appearance. There are also environmental causes like dust and animal waste that cause mold and mildew to build up as well as create an unpleasant look. With a careful inspection of your siding every year, you will begin to establish the right timing for your home.

Clean your Home’s Siding: How to Wash

Once you have identified the need, the question is then how. There are a few ways you can go about cleaning your home siding.

Using a power washer might be the quickest way to get the deep clean but you will need to be careful. The force and angle of the water could cause unintended damage. So if you go this route, you will want to keep the water at a safe distance and point straight forward or downward to not get water behind the siding.

A gentler but just as effective way to clean your siding is with a garden hose and soft-bristled scrub brush or broom. Mix a cleaning solution of dish or laundry soap or research a cleaning product that is appropriate for your type of siding. Some cleaners can attach directly to your hose.

Although it may be more labor-intensive, you can also go about cleaning your siding with a soft cloth and bucket. Clean in small sections and rinse thoroughly so that residue is not left behind. Some home sidings are less forgiving to intense pressure, like vinyl siding, so you will also want to take caution in the amount of force you use to not bend, crack or break the siding.

With all home maintenance and repair projects, we are here to help in any way. Call our team of experts if you have any questions or concerns on when and how to clean your home’s siding.

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