Kansas City Window Damage: When to Repair or Replace Windows

Window Damage. When to Repair or Replace

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Windows play a big part in your home’s look, feel, and efficiency. They provide airflow, natural lighting, protection, and visual appeal. When they are not working properly, they can cost you in both comfort and cash.

However, unless you understand and work with windows every day (like us), you may not know whether there is something wrong with your windows.

So how do you know if you need to repair or replace your windows? Here is a quick guide to help you decide. You may need new windows if one or more of these issues is occurring:

Visual window damage to the frame

One of the easiest ways to determine whether you need new Kansas City replacement windows is decay. Wood windows, in particular, can be vulnerable to water damage and wood rot. How do you know if you have wood rot?

Continual exposure to moisture can cause wood to expand. This may cause the paint to bubble, crack and peel. If you see warping on your wood panels or frames, your windows are likely in an advanced stage of wood rot.

Water coming through

Another sign of wood rot is leaky windows. Water damage to walls and floors can be expensive and escalate quickly so you will want to address the issue as soon as possible. The presence of water – even in small amounts – can lead to other safety issues like mold and mildew.

Windows getting stuck

If your windows are not working properly, then they definitely need your attention. Windows should work easily so if you have to use a lot of muscle to move them up or down, something is not right.

Wood rot is the result of the lumber holding moisture, which can also cause it to swell and make it harder to open and close. Unless you find and remove something that is hindering the smooth movement of your windows, it could be wood rot and you will want to start shopping for a window replacement.

Feels tender to the touch

As experts in lumber, we know there are many good uses for softwoods. However, if the wood around your windows is soft when you press on it that is not a good thing. This is likely an indication the wood is rotting.

When it comes to any damage, if you catch it early, repairing it may be sufficient. But remember, decay does not go away so if you notice window damage, it is best to fix the problem before it causes more destruction.

Window Damage: Preventing wood rot

The best way to prevent rotting is to keep water away. Make sure your gutters are clean and work well. You can also protect outdoor wood surfaces by applying a sealer or primer during regular maintenance.

Replacing windows is a big investment and decision that you want to feel confident in. Just like you count on us for your Kansas City lumber and building needs, we have your back when it comes to windows. Let our expertise work for you. Give us a call today.

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